Frequently Aksed Questions

If you have any urgent question or feedback do contact us at +91 82911 33528 or mail us at foodyyfan@gmail.com
  How are Foodyyfan meal priced?

Foodyyfan meals are priced from ₹99 with delivery for veg meal and ₹105 for non veg meals.

  What are the delivery prices for tiffin sold at Foodyyfan?

Foodyyfan meal prices are including all charges, an additional ₹100 is charged only in case of Cash on Delivery.

  What are order timing for lunch and dinner?

Lunch and Dinner can be ordered a day prior. The customer can select the date on which they require the delivery.

  Can I pay online for the tiffin offline?

We offer 4 types of payments. Paytm, NEFT, Online payment and Cash on Delivery. COD payment would be collected on delivery by delivery boy.

  What Sort of cuisine does Foodyyfan offer?

Foodyyfan offers a mix of Healthy wholesome and daily homemade meals with no added artificial flavours.

  How soon would my tiffin start if I had made the payment for the meal?

Foodyyfan would start tiffin services instantly from the day of your selection for lunch or dinner.

  What do I do if my tiffin does not get delivered to me?

Foodyyfan does put in a lot of effort to ensure that your tiffin reaches you on time consistently and in an ideal condition. However due to unforeseen events your tiffin may reach you late and in rare cases may by undelivered. In such a circumstance please contact +91 82911 33528 or mail us at foodyyfan@gmail.com.

  What sort of private policy is in place?

At Foodyyfan you can be at rest as we do not sell any private information to a third party and we will never do so. This includes your bank information email address or telephone number.

  What if a vendor does not deliver in my area?

We have designed our website in such a manner, that after you enter your delivery area, all meals are customized as per the ones being delivered in that area. So you will have a wide variety to choose from without worrying about the delivery.

  What are Foodyyfan Products?

At Foodyyfan, we are offering a wide range of Masalas and Dry Fruits for you to buy. Currently we are delivering our products between Andheri to Churchgate. For any queries, please contact +91 82911 33528 or mail us at foodyyfan@gmail.com.